Baby Prints

Baby Prints

Available Tuesday-Sunday from
– Price ranges from £8.50 to £35 depending upon the chosen item(s)
– Booking Essential

Your child’s hand or footprints are a truly personalised way for you to capture a moment in time. The perfect, unique gift for Grandparents, Father’s Day or yourself but most of all Christmas! 

We offer a variety of items that are suitable for baby prints including, photo frames, mugs, plates, teapots, baubles and coasters.

Don’t worry about capturing your baby’s prints and personalisation someone will be available to assist.

Pottery is usually ready within  10-14 days (during busy periods this can take longer)

Baby Print Personalisation Prices.

Personalised Bauble – £14
Personalised Bauble with artwork – £16
Personalised Photo frame – £25
Treats for Santa dinner plate – £20
Treats for Santa side plate – £16
Personalised Dinner Plate – £16
Personalised Side Plate – £14
Personalised Coaster – £8.50
Personalised Standard Mug – £14
Personalised Standard Mug with artwork – £16
Personalised Cocoa Mug – £16
Personalised Cocoa Mug with artwork -£18
Personalised Plant Pot – £25
Personalised Plant Pot with artwork – £28
Personalised Teapot – £25
Personalised Teapot with artwork -£30
Personalised Vase with artwork -£35
baby foot impression