Baby Prints

Baby Prints

Available every day
– Price ranges from £5 to £25 depending upon the chosen item(s)
– Book a place online or drop in on weekdays
– Booking advised at weekends & school holidays

Your child’s hand or footprints are a truly personalised way for you to capture a moment in time. The perfect, unique gift for Grandparents, Father’s Day or yourself but most of all Christmas!

We offer a variety of items that are suitable for baby prints including, photo frames, mugs, plates, teapots, baubles and coasters.

Don’t worry about capturing your baby’s prints, personalisation and print taking is included in the cost.

A baby print package is available (2 mugs, 2 coasters, a bauble and a plate) for £60. An ideal gift to yourself, colleagues about to embark on maternity leave or for loved ones!

baby foot impression